Sunday, January 3, 2010

Engine and Frame

Continued assembling the engine today. First I had to set the piston ring end gap. Here I'm using the piston to square the rings in the bore to measure the end gap, and the file is to widen the gap to the appropriate specs.

The wrist pin came installed in the piston and it was a very tight fit, so into the oven it goes. I have to admit, I'm starting to enjoy engine assembly in the kitchen. Everything is within reach - the oven for heating parts, the coffee maker, fridge, pizza oven....

Even heated, the wrist pin was a REALLY tight fit, so I had to fabricate a wrist pin installation tool, in addition to keeping the piston hot with the propane torch.

A bit blurry, but the engine with the cylinder installed.

While I was installing the piston and cylinder I was also heating the garage. With the engine nearing completion I had a bit of work to do on the frame before the engine could be installed. First I had to disassemble the bike down to the bare frame.

Someone decided to cut off the bottom of the battery tray and drill a big hole for a toggle switch, so that needed to be corrected. The rear fender mount was originally attached to the bottom battery tray, so that needed correcting, too.

Here the lower tray is fabricated and welded into place...

And here the hole for the toggle switch is filled, and the mounts for the rear fender and battery strap are installed, too. And yes, it's painted, too.

I also straightened the bent footpeg mounts and installed an upper spring mount and bumber for the center stand I'm installing.